Governance Toolkit 2020-21

Why Re-invent the Wheel? Save time and money, and customize to fit your needs...

CalSAE and DeLizia Consulting Services have partnered to develop a set of association governance tools designed to improve organizational productivity, decision-making, and communication among your Board, committees, and staff. These tools have been field-tested and peer-reviewed to validate their effectiveness, and can be customized to meet your association’s particular needs and structure.

We've developed two sets of tools. Select one or both.
Tool #1 ~ Board Orientation Package
Tool #2 ~ Board Meeting Productivity Package

Price for Tool #1 OR Tool #2:
Member price: $129
Non-member price: $179

Price for Tool #1 AND Tool #2:
Member price: $199
Non-member price: $279

Once CalSAE receives confirmation of your order and payment, you will receive an email containing your management tools.

7/1/2020 - 6/30/2021
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